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  • Product Name : Quick Lime Powder Briquette Machine
    Size : 58
    Country of Origin : China
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  • Lime powder briquette machine is widely applied to produce powdered metal,coal and fine coke balls,powdered coal bar of fertilizer industry,applicable to mineral ball of chemical industry, applicable to mineral fines of different kinds of ferrous and non-ferroud metal,applicable to iron scale and dust elimination of metallurgy and applied to produce balls of sludge and refractory materials. It is also widely used in refractories, electric powder plant, metallurgy, resource, chemical and other industries.This machine is energysaving and easy to transport.Also,it increases the use of the waste materials and economical benefits.

    Lime Briquetting Machine

    The heat dissipation problem of Quick Lime Powder Briquette Machine/Lime Powder Briquette Press Machine cannot be ignored. Some brands of briquette machine have no outdoor models in the market, so they cannot be directly applied to outdoor operations, which should be used together with outdoor enclosures and other accessories. Outdoor type quicklime dry powder briquette machine contains a sunshade, heater, a double cooling fan and other elements, so that it can adapt to the harsh outdoor conditions or extreme temperature environment. Install the machine after first monomer debugging, which can reduce the burden of the whole system debugging. The lime after cooling won't appear any serious fault.

    lime powder briquette machine

    When the quicklime dry powder briquette press machine has been working for a long time, its body will become very hot, so the heat dissipation problem of the equipment needs to be solved. If it has been hot for a long period, there will be a great harm to the equipment. During the installation of the quicklime dry powder briquette machine, it should be in strict accordance with the electrical specification before the laying of pipelines, the strong and weak current signal line should be isolated from each other to avoid interference. In the open environment, you should take the external independent lightning protection measures. The briquette machine itself should also keep good grounding to prevent electrostatic accumulation effect on the machine. When connecting the power line, communication lines and video line, connect carefully according to the requirements of the installation instructions to confirm the communication mode and the corresponding pin definitions. In general, the equipment should be installed in the construction period to avoid a lot of dust invasion on the construction site into the briquette machine, which directly affects the duration of the equipment.

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