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  • Product Name : Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine
    Size : 45
    Country of Origin : China
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  • Just like its name describes, the ring die pellet mill produces pellets mainly by the ring die. In the pelletizing room, the ring die and the roller will press raw materials to pellets. But to put them to this pelletizing room, you should feed them with a surge bin to pass through a variable speed conditioner. And a screw auger will be significant to send materials into the pelletizing machine chamber. With such a large scale pellet mill, biomass materials will be produced with excellent quality and high yield easily. Adding with some other equipment like crusher, dryer, belt conveyor, etc, you can realize the one-step operation easily.

    Equipped with larger body, this pelleting machine needs a special place or workshop for production. Rollers inside the ring will push raw materials through the die and force them out of holes in the die. Then pellets will be shaped. What you should take into consideration is that the raw material should have a size no more than one-fourth inch before pelletizing, or the machine will be blocked. Besides, you can add equipments like chipper, hammer mill, pipe and rotary dryer, cooler and bagging machine to the ring die pelleting machine for an automatic processing.

    The ring die are usually made of carbon steel or stainless steel which produced through procedure forging, cutting, drilling, heating treatment and so on. The selecting material and each step of process affect the service life of the ring die, the quality of pellet and output directly. So, ring die produced from the large scale factory with perfect technology are the best choice when purchasing. If we choose a ring die from small factory with backwards technology randomly, it will cause the blockage of ring die, rough surface of the pellets and burst of die holes etc.

    According to information, most of the small factories operate the process of drilling the die holes by common drilling machine manually. Quality of the die holes depend on the attitude and skill level of the operators, which can not ensure the quality of the die holes, some of the holes are crooked. These kinds of ring dies are difficult to discharge material and are easy to block the machine. Polishing the die holes are important step during the later process of make ring die holes. Small factories are limited by the equipment and technology, polishing process is done by workers manually, some of the holes are usually omit to polish or the smoothness can not up to the standards. Ring die like this are difficult to discharge materials, or causing the rough surface of the pellet or blocked the machine. So choosing a standard ring die is very important.

    Due to the benefits of ring die, ring die pellet mill happen to be adopted in pellet making business for a long time. In the early time, it is usually accustomed to making feed. And recently, wood pellet mill gets increasingly more attention and you will find many producers involve in wood pellet mill making. However, they simply stick to the means by making feed pellet mill after which problems occur, for example low productivity, bad shaping result, serious harm to machine and highly cost. As you may know, wood pellet is harder and want more pressure than feed pellet. That old mode for making feed pellet isn't any more appropriate to top quality wood pellet creating.

    Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is the leader in China biomass pellet machine manufacturer. The pellet mill equipment that we manufacture and supply have continued to prove its reliability through dependable operation and production through the years. Our highly rated service department helps to keep equipment functioning in performing the scope of work that the equipment has been engineered and sized to accomplish. Welcoem to contact or visit.

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